Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi Tour Package



Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi Tour Package-Baluran national park is located in the eastern of java island take 7 hours drive from Surabaya to get here or 5 hours from bali and 30 minutes from Banyuwangi  city center , Baluran well known as africa van java because the climate are dry with covered by savanna and magrove then hills with the highest peak extinct  Baluran mountain  (1247 m) to enter Baluran you have to pay entrance ticket  IDR 250000 only for weekdays .


As national park baluran has  5 major fauna that is Banteng (bull), java deer-mouse, monkey as well as peacock bird, and leopard was listed but exticnt at 1960 to see peacock the best time are in the afternoon they will feeding at the savanna  for flora there have been  444 species.

The history of Baluran itself initiated by dutch hunter AH. LOEDEBOER although has been protected  since 1928 in 1937 Baluran finally refuge by dutch colonial goverment after that in 1980 baluran was declared as national park coincide preservation day.

The geology and soil of baluran composed of two types soil mountanious consist aluvial, vulcanic and sediment around the beach, the soil itsefl is rich of mineral but poorly of organic as well has very high chemical prolific but the phisical condition is low because pore  can not absorb the water  properly so the park provide water when  summer  comes.

With wide savanna the name is Bekol 6 km from entrance overhere almost entire fauna grassing and dringking to watch this activity there is watching tower  toward to savanna you can use binocular because form here you can get great view then to bama beach a beach surrounded by mangrove or trekking  from the Bekol post to Bama beach.



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